Weather  wiring changes are required for a KI-525A direct replacement; the indicator for the. Bendix/king KCS-55A HSI System. When interfaced with the Bendix/King  Added interface wiring diagrams, refined post installation checkout procedures. Bendix/King KI 207 P2021 P2061 P2071 k Bendix/King Bendix/King KI 525A  15 Jun 2015 Information on the wiring for this system is located in the A. Cessna Aircraft Company Model 525A Maintenance Manual, KI-574 Distance. 14 Feb 2018 ALL WIRING TO COMPLY WITH AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER'S. MAINTENANCE / WIRING MANUAL STANDARD PRACTICES.

Ki 525a pinout

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King KI 525/ 525A Connector P1, P2 Female & Male Pins Diagrams $ 2.95. Available Options: Version: King KI 525/ 525A. Add to cart. Avionics pinout files - Texas Air Salvage Is the KI-825 Electronic HSI a direct replacement for existing KI-525A HSIs? No. Although, the KI-825 uses the same two 41 pin type connectors that the KI-525 has, there are several wiring differences between them. 2011-06-05 · The Bendix-King KI-525A HSI and associated KCS-55A compass system was a popular avionics upgrade for light aircraft until the advent of the Sandell electronic HSI and, more recently, glass-cockpit systems from Garmin, Aspen and others. 2017-04-05 · Fig 28 – Add STEC 30 Pinout E729 W Edited jumper on drawing KING KAP 140 w/ KI-525A at GDC31 pin 11 to pin 21 and flag notes relative to change.

Plug-in replacement: King KI-525A with Bootstrap Output ki 525a pinout. 19 Feb 1999 The IRU-525 is a VOR/GPS switching device that mounts directly on the rear of the Bendix/King KI-525A HSI, the HSI display portion of the Revision 7 creates a new stand-alone manual for the KI 525A which was extracted from .. semble the PC board to the main structure, but do not install the unit. King Ki 525a Manual - BENDIX/KING KI 525A Rev 7, March/2002 15621M07.JA Page RH-1 REVISION HISTORY KI 525A Maintenance Manual Part Number: 006-15621-XXXX For each revision, add, delete, or This will be of primary interest to those who need a replacement KI-250, KI-525A HSI Indicator $2,995.00.

Internally lit, the KI 525A operates at 14 or 28 VDC. Models are available with 5 volt lighting. BENDIX/KING KI 525A Page 4-10 15621M07.JA Rev 7, March/2002 The FLAG input voltage level from the NAV receiver will be inverted by I102A and will appear at pin 1 in direct proportion to the input voltage change. From pin 1, the signal passes through resis- tor R116 to pin 6 of I102B. The KI 525/525A Pictorial Navigation Indicator provides a pictorial display of the horizontal navi- gation situation. The KI 525/525A also provides manual controls for course and heading datum selections.

2-27 kln 90b - ki 525a interconnect diagram 2-53 2-28 kg 102/102a 400 hz. supply interconnect diagram 2-57 3-1 ki 525/525a indicator and controls 3-4 3-2 ka 51/51a slaving accessory and controls 3-5 3-3 ka 51b slaving accessory and controls 3-6 released for the exclusive use by: aircraft electronics association up536434 King KI 525/ 525A Connector P1 Top Plug Female Pins and P2 Bottom Plug Male Pins Pin Assignments has 4 pages. Additional information. Download Ebook: Download Ebook. The KI-525 contained a Power flag instead of the standard Heading (HDG) flag as with the KI-525A. Therefore, pin P must be added to the existing KI-525 harness for the HDG flag in the KI-525A. If the HSI is being upgraded to the -07 version of the KI-525A, then there is another pin that must be jumpered.
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The following wires need to be added or changed: KI 825 P1-J INPUT POWER +28VDC P1-M POWER RETURN Aircraft Ground P1-L SIGNAL GROUND Aircraft Ground (see Note 1) P1-c SIGNAL GROUND Aircraft Ground (see Note 1) King 525a Hsi Manual Bendix King kI 525a HSI you are bidding on a Bendix King 525a which was returned repairable, the ticket is attached to the top.

Versions available that operate at 30 Hz or 400Hz.
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Call Ron Hansen (651-472-1244) for more details. Manufacturer's Part Number: 066-3046-00 *Note: this serviceable Bendix King Horizontal Situation Indicator KI-525A comes with an 8130 form. The panel-mounted KI 525A pictorial navigation indicator combines the display functions of both the standard directional gyro and the course deviation indicator. Parts available from a 28V Mooney MSE: King KCS 55A, KI 525A HSI, KG 102A DG, KMT 112, KA 51B (asking $1000) King KAP 150 flight control system, with KC 191 computer, KS 177 pitch servo, KS 178 roll servo, KS 179 trim servo (asking $2350) King KMA 24 audio panel (asking $200) King KR 87 ADF/AM ra Garmin special promotional kit for GNC 355 (25 Khz) / 355A (8.33 kHz) GI 106B Kit for Americas or International pilots. GPS position and backup attitude via the built-in Connext® technology.